We are unified into specialized business units to ensure we remain prompt and responsive. Each project is administered by a dedicated member of our project management team, providing you with a reliable and streamlined service through a single point of contact.


We apply a combination of staff and freelance translators and interpreters to provide extensive subject area coverage in over 150 language combinations:

We prioritize on remaining at the forefront of technological developments to streamline, create efficiencies and keep costs down.

We take pride in working as an extension of your own team to develop a detailed understanding of your requirements and deliver a tailored and flexible solution to best meet your needs.

We solve localization problems with the kind of attention to detail, proficient management, responsive service, and genuine commitment you won’t find anywhere else. With our commitment to total and complete satisfaction, we have never caused a client to miss a product release date, a go-live date, or teach date… ever!

DQONTENTS is pledged to assisting companies deliver consistent, accurate and reliable communications. We have been a trusted partner to the automotive sector, supporting both pre- and post-market global language needs.

Key areas we support:

Marketing: Consumer magazines, brochures, catalogues and press releases

HR and legal: Training materials, employee newsletters and updates, contracts, audits and compliance documents

Technical: Owner manuals, technical specifications and datasheets, maintenance manuals and technical drawings, satellite navigation and infotainment systems.

We ensure marketing materials are translated carefully, accurately while being culturally appropriate. Therefore, we understand the critical need for accuracy and consistency across a client’s entire product line, and more specifically across all content for a particular product or brand.

Translation of marketing materials usually includes a non-literal translation approach, requiring that the tone, meaning, and concepts present in the source document be reflected in the translation. Translators of marketing materials are well trained to ensure that all text is adequately localized, and that the translation is culturally appropriate for the target country and audience.

Our processes ensure that all training materials are translated consistently and cost-effectively through the careful use of translation memory and terminology databases. Our team of translation experts are skilled at creating, multimedia production and delivering culturally appropriate materials across a variety of training platforms. From text translation services to fully produced e-learning programs, we offer top tier quality translations to suit all kinds of corporate initiatives, timelines and budgets.

Providing prompt service is the fundamental duty of the business world today. Therefore, we offer the world’s most accurate translation services to the global clients that are also the fastest in speed.

At times, companies fail to provide quality and precision in translation due to pricing rates and haste project deliveries. Choosing us is your best choice as DQONTENTS commits to deliver the world’s accurate and proficient translation services with complete security and surety of quality in it.

Being a reputed translation services provider, we follow a methodical translation procedure, so that the translations are delivered on time. Also, this streamlined process ensures that we offer the top-tier quality and accurateness within the translation project.

  • We Adopt New Technology

  • Focus on Quality and GUI

  • 100% Data Security You Can Trust

  • Unmatched Reliability and Quality Assurance

  • Follow up with the client to ensure the level of customer satisfaction.

  • Exceptional Business Model

  • Dedicated towards your assignment round the clock

  • Quick turnaround time for both short and long-term projects

  • No additional costs

  • Offers unique variety of services that help you connect with the audience

We aim at performing what we are good at. Hence, we always give our best and guide you throughout your journey of business expansion. So, if you want to continue wooing your audience with what you excel at, let’s join hands, as we will be your effector that enables a local business transform into a global one. Hence by this you can completely rely on our team as the perfect match for you.

We strive for 100% client satisfaction and achieve the same with flying colors. So, come and join us to create a mutually beneficial business environment. No matter what your multilingual language requirements are, we can succeed all of them with great quality and authenticity. Further, you can outsource our services on contract basis and preserve huge savings in your pocket.

Endeavouring for excellence

Our work, as a team, on a daily basis allows us to create a workflow and allocate tasks, so as to constantly improve our performance. Constructing an entrepreneurial ethos motivates each team member to perform to the best of his or her ability.

Delivering authentic and quality translation is what we give the highest priority to. Hence, we are proud to confess that that our clients have always been satisfied with what we offer to them (in context of translation). Hence, if you are in need of immediate and accurate translation, just contact us today.

We will be pleased to hear from you...!!