DQONTENTS Digital Engineering fulfills the foreign language communication requirements of global businesses by employing profitable strategies and dedicated customer care.

In this digital economy it’s highly important to deliver Digital experiences. We have ascertained and implemented solutions that effectively overcome these challenges. Our digital engineering retinue, provides services in digital experience management, customer chain management, and linked systems. DQONTENTS has the proficiency in website design development, content writing and SEO based content creation. We specialize in supporting organization with independent development, quality and security teams supporting Lifecycle management procedures. The advantage of working with DQONTENTS is that we will be able to localize your website in various languages like Asian, European, Indian etc... We have expertise in 170+ languages.

Our cooperative access allows our idea powered staff of professionals to develop an understanding of the problem before we suggest a solution. We have a unique development capability that goes beyond off the shelf solutions and our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that results meet expectations. We enable to build and localize your website content to extend your presence in various geographies by offering multilingual SEO. We understand the difficulty in communicating digital engineering concepts and terminology, this is why we only employ translators with science & technical expertise to handle such projects. We make sure that your engineering documents are handled by translators with background knowledge in engineering and technical field required and have experience with translations of engineering textual matter.

The high level accuracy of engineering, distinguishes engineering translation from translation of other areas of knowledge. Imprecise and poor-quality translation of technical specifications, an operation manual may not only undermine the corporate image and the brand of a company it could be dangerous and portray the company to unpredictable liabilities.

In the today’s world the credit goes to the company that can deliver high-value software the fastest. We embrace new processes to promote software delivery. Therefore, we translate and transform your existing portfolio to take advantage of cloud economics.

DQONTENTS Digital Engineering platform will improve adoption by allowing teams to develop specific repeatable steps and then integrate those automated steps into working pipelines when ready. Digital products and services are revolutionizing the business landscape, enabling new revenue models, driving operational efficiencies, opening new doors for collaboration and driving higher levels of customers by providing proficient localization services.

When you face any complexity in translating the technical and the scientific copies of your website in multiple languages, our experts will come in handy. We provide website translation in several different languages. Our team can deal with website files in various formats like html, php, excel and csv while getting them translated with the help of our translation memory software. The final copies of the translated files will be delivered in your specified format.

If you are unable to design your material, then you confidently count on our Graphic design service to be the ultimate solution for you. We conform your creative ideas for all your marketing material with desirable modification of layout to match the size and printing needs.

DQONTENTS assures high quality desktop publishing services delivered by experienced professional graphic designers and graphic engineers. Our team consists of number of desktop publishing professionals having advance background knowledge. We are ambitious and driven to find solutions to gaps within industrial processes and business systems. We have been working cooperatively with our clients to learn their processes and apply the creativity to develop products and services according to their specific needs.

Our Digital Engineering Services include:

Mobile Development

Product & Platform Engineering

Smart Devices and IoT Initiatives


Chatbots & Voice Interfaces

Cloud Native Development

Data Engineering