Globalization has enabled businesses to go global by connecting with people in various countries. However, we can help you overcome the language obstacles that come your way as language remains a challenge for the businesses to reach larger audience. To help bridge this language barrier, you can entrust DQONTENTS translation services. We ensure that our translation services are delivered with the same integrity and attention to detail which has made us standard choice for our wide list of global clients. We offer competitive rates in the industry with incomparable quality assurance and output.

DQONTENTS create the material in such a way that the content or marketing communication fits in correctly meets the specifications of our clients with the layout chosen in the most aesthetic manner possible. When you plan on expanding internationally to reach the target market it is essential that you get engineering materials translated into the native language. Expanding across borders brings big rewards, but every new territory also brings new challenges. We understand the languages, local customs, and the complex landscape of global commerce and everything that you need from a global advisor. Our understanding of rising various engineering translations with advanced communication technologies will help you to choose the right tools to increase your market on a global scale. Just like any other business, an engineering firm requires translation services for stabilizing and diversifying their business with a global client base. Well, that is exactly where DQONTENTS translations services come to play. It can be a literature review, a research document, a product manual or website translation- our precise and timely translation services are highly imperative to the overall success of your business.

We ensure your documentation, client outreach, and teammate communication runs as successfully in large scale development projects with the assistance and guidance of our proficient translation linguists. Our in-house team can take on the most technical websites, documents, and logistic challenges to make sure everyone stays on the same page while your engineers can stay focused on their work and deliver productive outcomes.

DQONTENTS offers more than just excellent, high quality translation for engineering manuals, telecoms and documents. We also provide considerably lower translation service rates and prices far more reasonable and affordable than others. You can undoubtedly rely on our accurate translation of technical documents as other professional engineering translation services.

Translation in mechanical engineering

Translation software engineering, IT engineering translations

Mathematical engineering translation

Translation in telecommunications

Industrial engineering translation, power plant and energy translation

Operating manual translation, technical specifications translation

Key Features

  • Localize your content and strategies to meet new markets
  • Expand your business by growing your brand worldwide
  • Valuable cultural and linguistic advice to help you navigate new cultures.
  • Creation of style guides that will work in new languages, from colors to collectivity
  • Identify regions where your business can successfully expand
  • Professionals equip you with tools necessary to navigate new cultures
  • Keep costs down by utilizing automatic translation technologies
  • Evaluation of your business in the global marketplace
  • Identification of languages and areas that will increase your visibility
  • Creation of style guides that will work in new languages, from colors to collectivity.

The foundation of DQONTENTS customized translation services is accuracy and speed. At the heart of excellent software localization and translation we have the ability to perform quickly and develop local versions in an expeditious way, similar to the overall development approach. All kinds of requests for software translation and internationalization project is delivered by the agreed deadline.

We understand that how important every piece of content forms an integral part of your IT and software product range – websites, technical support, help, FAQs, marketing materials and requires accurate translation to help you reach all your target markets in more than 100 languages.

We can help you translate your engineering documents into all commercial languages as Indian, Asian, Middle East and European at the highest quality and consistency.

We produce high reliable quality and security, for engineering translation projects guaranteed to be effective, succinct, and clear.

  • Assured Quality
  • Security & confidentiality
  • Responsiveness
  • Industry based experience and knowledge.